A show for all ages and interests.

Entertaining at an auction where the painting was sold

Phil Doncon’s Paint Storm has entertained thousands at events such as starting off an AFL game, playing live with orchestras, performing at community festivals, fundraisers and local jazz bars.

Play it Up or Down, Your Choice

Performing arts combined with visual arts creates a versatile show. Phil Doncon’s Paint Storm can be adapted to small or large events. You can choose if the content includes theatrics, wellness messages and music. These components can be modified to match your theme or event purpose.

Paint Under Pressure? No Problem.

Phil’s art style can span murals or canvases. Therefore, an image is created in minutes, not hours. You have the flexibility to use this show between or to compliment other entertainment acts.

At the end of the show, the final artwork can be auctioned at the event or kept as a memoir.

Sample the show!

Click the video to watch Phil Doncon in action.

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