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School incursion for all year levels

Phil Doncon’s Paint Storm is a dynamic and unique performance that features impressionist images being painted live on a 10-metre wide canvas. While painting, Phil entertains with humour, storytelling, breakdancing and high-energy music. Interactive elements include student involvement throughout the show. The audience is engaged but is also challenged with awareness and learning about emotions and wellbeing.

Show formats available to choose from:

Junior Primary (60 minutes)

Topic: Courageous and Kind

Students learn about being aware of how they are feeling and what they can do about it. We go on a journey to the beach on a summer holiday and things don’t go to plan.

Senior Primary (90 minutes)

Topic: Write Your Own Story

Students are challenged to think about their own personal values, making friends with emotions, mindfulness, positive self-talk and how to pick yourself back up when things don’t go to plan. Phil shares his story about challenging experiences and inspires students to think differently.

High School (90 minutes)

Topic: Climbing off the Canvas

Finding your purpose, holding to your own personal values, making friends with your emotions, mindfulness, positive self-talk and how to pick yourself back up when things don’t go to plan are covered in this show while being relevant to teens. Humour and meaningful moments are shared throughout.

** Teacher resources are included with the above show options. The pack includes a range of activities to run before or after the incursion.

Breakdancing image above courtesy of Charmaine Green

School incursion high school students

Art Workshops

In the art workshops, we demonstrates a 5-step painting process for students to learn to paint a landscape or seascape. As a group, students are encouraged to brainstorm, plan and together come up with a design. Each group then participates in a ‘Painting Relay’ where they make their design a reality before the music runs out. This encourages students move past the fear of failure and show free expression.

The workshop is an optional add-on after the show which extends the excitement and learning of the show into the hands of the students.

Paintings from the show are available for the school to keep otherwise the fabric is reused.

Yes we are able to do multiple shows per day with a maximum of three.

Performance space requirement is 10m x 2.5m plus space for audience.

The incursion can take place outdoors, weather permitting. A planned undercover alternative is advised in case of wet or windy weather.

School Incursion Awareness and Commitment

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Model

Using stories and humour, Phil Doncon adapts and illustrates the concepts of the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model by Russ Harris and others. Based on this model, students are taken through a process to:

  1. Be aware of our thoughts and that they are just that, thoughts!
  2. Allow negative thoughts to exist but not control us
  3. Connect with the present moment
  4. Connect with who we are
  5. Determine our individual values
  6. Commit to take action

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